The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Retirement Solution


The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Retirement Solution

We’re pleased to announce a new benefit program available to you, as a member of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. With the assistance of fellow members Dean DiGregorio of One Retirement Source and Chris Connelly of Transamerica we’d like to introduce to you the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Retirement Solution 401k Plan offered thru Tag Resources.

If you already offer a 401k plan or are looking to offer one, you may have some concerns like:

  • 401k’s require a lot of time to run

  • They can be expensive

  • They carry a lot of liability

  • And with so many providers to choose from, which one’s the best fit for your company

Those are valid concerns but the fact is 401k plans are one of the most important benefit features a company can provide. This program may help you overcome those concerns…. and here’s how:

  • TAG Resources handles all of the administration work on your plan…. you do nothing other than make sure your payroll is submitted as you normally would.

  • Your fiduciary liability on administration and investment selection is greatly reduced as TAG resources handles all of the administration duties and Envestnet is employed as the 3(38) Investment Fiduciary.

  • TAG’s Plans are built on an “aggregated” model to reduce the cost of each company’s plan, so you can only get this “aggregated” pricing for your plan thru this program.

  • You choose the design of your plan, like if you want a matching contribution to go to your employees or not. It’s your plan, you’re in control.

  • And Dean will work with you as the plan sponsor and educate your employees

These are just some of the highlights of this new member benefit. This program is also available to self-employed members as well. To see if this program is a fit for you or your company call Dean at 978-363-1677. We have info here and on our website under “Member Benefits” as well.

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