24 Haverhill’s Notable Contemporaries It is fun to learn about the people who lived and grew up in a city. Here are some of our notable residents. Louis Burt Mayer (July 12, 1884 – October 29, 1957) was a film producer and co-founder of MGM Studios in 1924. It became a well-known and respected movie studio with the largest group of writers, directors and stars in the U.S. He moved to Boston and bought a small vaudeville theater in Haverhill, Massachusetts calledthe"GarlicBox"alongwithseveralother theatersintheBostonareatocatertolargerand wealthier audiences. Mayer moved to Los Angeles and teamed with film producer Irving Thalberg. Together they developed hundreds of whole- some and lush films. Mayer resigned as MGM's vice president in 1951. Haverhill’s Notable Contemporaes Mogul, Actor & Actress, Baseball Player, Rocker, & Illustrator